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Our Contributors

Introduction to the History of Central Europe
Francis S. Wagner


1. Signs of the times

a) On an East-West Security Conference
b) Toward a Third Way in a New Central Europe

2. Toward a Constructive Ideology and Policy in a New Central Europe

Eugene Padanyi-Gulyas

3. Neutralization of a Buffer Zone Between Germany and Russia

The Possibility of a Neutralized Zone in Central Europe
Edward Chaszar

Austrian Neutrality and European Integration
Fritz Bock

Ideas of an Austrian on the Coexistence of Nations in the Danubian and Carpathian Basins
Josef Matl

Three Neglected Documents on Self-Determination and Neutrality
Miroslav Lazarovich

4. Central Europe in East-West Relations

Britain and Eastern Europe
C. A. Macartney

American Interests and Obligations in the Danubian Basin
Albert Wass

Croatia and Central Europe
Stjepan Buc

What has to be done
Stan Ionescu

Scanning the Horizon: World Politics and Central Europe
Tibor Eckhardt

Forgotten Sentiments: The British Labour Party and Central Europe
Alexander Gallus

The Second Phase of German Foreign Policy in Eastern Europe
Wenzel Jaksch

The Hungarian Freedom Fight and the Entry of the Soviet Army
Istvan Szentpaly

The Poet Yevtushenko and Peace in Central Europe
G. H. Sikorsky

The Place of East Central Europe in Western Civilization
Edward Chaszar



From Kossuth's Unknown Federalist Papers

Bela Talbot Kardos

Federation in Central Europe

Milan Hodza

Danubian Federatio

F. O. Miksche

Regional Federalism or a New Cataclysm

Miroslav Lazarovich

Problems of Federalism in the Danubian Area

Bela Talbot Kardos

Initiatives Toward Cooperation in the Danubian Basin in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Pal Auer

Federalist Aspirations in East Central Europe

Edmund I. Lazar

Nationalism vs. Federalism in Historical Perspective

Francis S. Wagner

Central European Federation Including Switzerland

Gyula Tassonyi

East Central European Unity

Joseph Galganowicz

Covenant of the Peoples in the Carpathian and Danubian Basins

Eugene Padanyi-Gulyas

A Safeguard of Peace in East Central Europe

Ferenc Koszorus

Missed Opportunities for Federalization

Bela Padanyi-Gulyas

Slovakia and the Integration Plans of Central Europe

Joseph M. Kirschbaum

Czech and Slovak Statesmen in Favor of a Central European Federation

Joseph Ostrovsky

Pronouncements on Federalism in the Danubian and Central European Area

The mid-European Research Institute, New York, NY

Manifesto for a Danubian Federation

Be1a Bartok, Zoltan Kodaly, Endre Ady and others.



Pseudo-National States or Real National Identities in Central Europe

Alexander Gallus

Socio-Linguistics for a Just Peace in the Danubian Basin

Adam Makkai

Cultural Pluralism and the Study of Complex Societies in Anthropology

Alexander Gallus

The Hungarian Minority Problem in Rumania

International Commission of Jurists

The Hungarian Minority Problem in Transylvania

A letter from the Federalist union of European Nationalities (FUEN)

The Situation of Hungarians in Transylvania and Rumania

Memorandum of the American Transylvanian Federation

The Nationality Problem in Czechoslovakia After World War II

Francis S. Wagner

The Changing Image of T. G. Masaryk Between 1945 and 1968

Francis S. Wagner


Micro- or Macro-Economics of the Central European Nations

Richard Bartoniek

Cooperatives: Problems and Solutions

George Keler

APPENDIX - Maps and Statistical Data

Numerical Strength and Growth of the Danubian Nations Between 1851 and 1967

The third-European Research Institute, New York, NY

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