Hungarians in the the Olympics

Hungary isn't the biggest country in the world, but in terms of heart and drive, few can compete. Despite its being torn apart after WWI and losing half her total population and 2/3 of her territory, Hungary still ranks among the top nations in the world in medals. The 1996 olympics were again a success as Hungary grabbed 21 medals with 7 gold! If you count the Hungarians that won medals as nationals of other countries, that's at least 24 medals.

Here are Atlanta's Hungarian Olympian Medal Winners:

Atlanta, 1996

Name Event Category Award
Norbert Rozsa Swimming Men's 200m Breaststroke Gold
Krisztina Egerszegi Swimming Women's 200m Backstroke Gold
Attila Czene - Olympic Record, 1:59.91 Swimming Men's 200m Ind. Medley Gold
Karoly "Karch" Kiraly - Competing for USA Volleyball Outdoor Beach Gold
Balazs Kiss Track & Field Men's Hammer Throw Gold
Istvan Kovacs Boxing Bantamweight Gold
Rita Koban Canoe/Kayak women's K-1 500m Gold
Team Hungary Canoe/Kayak Men's C-2 500m Gold
Gyorgy Zala Canoe/Kayak Men's K-4 1000m Silver
Szilveszter Csollany Gymnastics Men's Rings Silver
Team Hungary Fencing Men's Team Sabre Silver
Karoly Guttler Swimming Men's 200m Breaststroke Silver
Gabriela Szabo - Competing for Romania Track Women's 1500m Silver
Geza Imre Fencing Men's Individual Epee Bronze
Krisztina Egerszegi Swimming Women's 400m Ind. Medley Bronze
Szalay Horvathne Fencing Women's Individual Epee Bronze
Attila Feri Weightlifting 70kg Bronze
Agnes Kovacs Swimming Women's 200m Breaststroke Bronze
Janos Martinek Pentathlon   Bronze
Jozsef Gonci - Competing for Slovakia Shooting 50m Free Rifle prone Bronze
Team Hungary Handball Women's Team Bronze
Gyorgy Zala Canoe/Kayak Men's C-1 1000m Bronze
Gyorgy Zala Canoe/Kayak Men's C-2 1000m Bronze
Imre Pulai Canoe/Kayak Men's C-1 500m Bronze

Other Notables from 1996
Special thanks to Dr. Paul Szilágyi in Florida for this contribution: Men's Team Hungary - Waterpolo: Lost to Italy 20 - 19 in Bronze Match. Ivan Kovacs - Individual Epee: Lost to countryman, Imre Geza, in Bronze match. Women's Team Hungary - Fencing/Foil: Lost to Germany 45-42 in Bronze Match Women's Team Hungary - Fencing/Epee: 4th Geza Magyar - Kayak: Finished 4th in 500m., Competed for Romania. Jozsef Csak - Judo, 143lbs., 4th place Imre Tiideman - Modern Pentathlon, 7th place (Best US - 16th). Competed for Estonia. Akos Hanzely - Modern Pentathlon, 6th Csaba Orosz, Peter Pales - C2 1000, 7th. Competed for Slovakia.

Past Hungarian Gold Medal Winners...
Last names are first in the Hungarian custom. Special thanks to Bodnár Dániel in Budapest, Hungary, for his help in researching and submitting the following information. His Father (1968 Pentathlon) and Uncle (1964 Waterpolo) are both Gold Medalists. And thanks also to Balázs Czviín for collecting the data from Hungary and submitting it to me. This list will grow, so keep checking!

Hajos Alfred(1878-1955), 100 and 1200m freestyle swimming/gyorsuszas:
First Gold in History in this Swimming Event!

Bauer Rudolf(1879-1932), Discus/diszkoszvetes

Halmay Jeno(1881-1956), 50 and 100 yard freestyle swimming/gyorsuszas

Dr. Fuchs Jeno (1882-1955), Fencing/kardvivas
Weisz Richard(1879-1945), heavyweight wrestling/kottottfogasu birkozas nehez suly

Men's Team Hungary - Fencing/kardvivas:
Dr. Foldes Dezso (1880-1950),
Dr. Fuchs Jeno,
Dr. Gerde Oszkar (1883-1944),
Dr. Toth Peter (1882-1967),
Werkner Lajos (1883-1943)

Dr. Fuchs Jeno (1882-1955),
Prokopp Sandor (1887-1964),
Shooting/loveszet hadipuska csapat

Men's Team Hungary - Fencing/kardvivas:
Berty Laszlo(1875-1952),
Foldes Dezso(1880-1950)
Dr. Fuchs Jeno (1882-1955),
Gerde Oszkar(1883-1944)
Meszaros Ervin (1877-1940),
Schenker Zoltan (1880-1966)
Dr. Toth Peter (1882-1967),
Werkner Lajos (1883-1943)

Hungary did not participate due to WWI. The victors split Hungary into pieces. Hungary lost two-thirds of her territory and 1/3 of her Hungarian-speaking population. So future Olympics would prove more difficult.

Dr. Halasy Gyula(1891-1970) Skeet Shooting/loveszet agyaggalamb
Dr. Posta Sandor(1888-1952) Fencing/kardvivas

Keresztes Lajos(1900-1978) Lightweight Wrestling/kotottfogasu birkozas konnyusuly
Kocsis Antal(1905- )okolvivas legsuly
Dr. Mezo Ferenc(1885-1961) Epic Novel/Muveszeti Verseny Irodalom Epika
Tersztyanszky Odon(1890-1929) Fencing/kardvivas

Men's Team Hungary - Fencing/Kardvivas:
Garay Janos(1889-1945),
Glykais Gyula(1893-1948)
Dr. Gombos Sandor(1895-1968),
Petschauter Atilla(1904-1943),
Rady Jozsef(1884-1957),
Tersztyanszky Odon(1890-1929)

Enekes Istvan(1911-1940), okolvivas legsuly
Pelle Istvan(1895-1968), muszabadgyakorlat lolenges
Piller Jozsef(1889-1960), Fencing/kardvivas

Men's Team Hungary - Fencing/Kardvivas:
Gerevich Aladar(1910-),
Glykais Gyula(1893-1948),
Kabos Endre(1906-1944),
Nagy Erno(1898-1977),
Petschauer Atilla(1904-1943),
Piller Gyorgy(1899-1960)
Men's Team Hungary - Water Polo/Vizilabdazas:
Barta Istvan(1895-1948),
Brody Gyorgy(1908-1967),
Halassy Oliver(1909-1946),
Homonnai Marton(1906-1969),
Dr. Ivady Sandor(1903-),
Keseru Alajos (1905-1965),
Keseru Ferenc(1903-1968),
Nemeth Janos (1906-),
Sarkany Miklos (1908- ),
Vertesy Jozsef (1901- )

Csik Ferenc (1913-1945),100m freestyle/gyorsuszas
Elek Ilona(1907-)Fencing/torvivas
Harangi Imre(1913-1979),Boxing, Lightweight/okolvivas konnyusuly
Kabos Endre(1906-1944), Fencing/kardvivas
Kadarne Csak Ibolya(1915-), Highjump/magasugras
Karpati Karoly(1906-), Wrestling/szabadfogasu birkozas konnyusuly
Lorincz Marton(1911-1969), Wrestling/kotottfogasu birkozas legsuly
Zombori Odon(1906-), Wrestling/szabadfogasu birkozas legsuly

Men's Team Hungary - Fencing/kardvivas:
Berczelly Tibor(1912-),
Gerevich Aladar(1910-),
Kabos Endre(1906-1944),
Kovacs Pal(1912-),
Dr. Rajczy Imre(1911-1978),
Rajcsanyi Laszlo(1907-)

Men's Team Hungary - Waterpolo/Vizilabda:
Brandy Jeno(1913-1980),
Brody Gyorgy(1908-1967),
Bozsi Mihaly(1911-),
Halassy Oliver(1909-1946),
Hazai Kalman(1913-),
Hommonai Marton(1905-1969),
Kutasy Gyorgy(1910-1977),
Molnar Istvan(1913-),
Nemeth Janos(1906-),
Sarkany Miklos(1908-),
Tarics Sandor(1913-)

Bobis Gyula(1909-1972), Wrestling/szabadfogasu birkozas nehezsuly
Csik Tibor(1927-1976),Boxing/okolvivas harmatsuly
Elek Ilona(1907-),Fencing/torvivas
Gyarmati Olga(1924-), Long jump/tavolugras
Nemeth Imre(1917-), Hammerthrow/kalapacsvetes
Papp Laszlo(1926-),Boxing, Middleweight/okolvivas kozepsuly
Pataki Ferenc(1917-),Gymnastics Floor Exercise/muszabadgyakorlat
Takacs Karoly(1910-1976), Shooting/loveszet otalakos gyorspisztoly

Men's Team Hungary - Fencing/Kardvivas:
Bercelly Tibor(1912-),
Gerevich Aladar(1910-),
Karpati Rudolf(1920-),
Kovacs Pal(1912-),
Papp Bertalan(1913-),
Rajcsanyi Laszlo(1907-)

Csermak Jozsef(1932-), Hammerthrow/kalapacsvetes
Gyenge Valeria(1933-), 400m Freestyle Swimming/gyorsuszas
Hodos Imre, Wrestling/kotottfogasu birkozas legsuly
Keleti Agnes(1921-), Floor Exercise/muszabadgyakorlat
Korondi Margit(1932-), Gymnastics - Uneven Bars/felemaskorlat
Kovacs Pal(1912-), Fencing/kardvivas
Papp Laszlo(1926-), Boxing/okolvivas nagyvaltosuly
Szekely Eva(1927-), 200m Breaststroke/melluszas
Szilvasy Miklos(1925-1969), Wrestling/kotottfogasu birkozas valtosuly
Szoke Katalin(1935-),100m Freestyle swim/gyorsuszas
Takacs Karoly(1910-1976), Shooting/loveszet otalakos gyorspisztoly

Men's Team Hungary - Fencing/Kardvivas:
Bercelly Tibor(1912-),
Gerevich Aladar(1910-),
Karpati Rudolf(1920-),
Kovacs Pal(1912-),
Papp Bertalan(1913-),
Rajcsanyi Laszlo(1907-)

Men's Team Hungary - Soccer/labdarugas:
THE LEGENDS! The Golden Team/Az Arany Csapat!
Bozsik Jozsef(1925-1978),
Budai Laszlo(1928-),
Buzanszky Jeno(1925-),
Czibor Zoltan(1929-),
Csordas Lajos(1932-1968),
Dalnoki Jeno(1932-),
Grosics Gyula(1926-),
Hidegkuti Nandor(1922-),
Kocsis Sandor(1929-1979),
Kovacs Imre(1921-),
Lantos Mihaly(1928-),
Lorant Gyula(1923-1981),
Palotas Peter(1929-1967),
Puskas Ferenc(1927-),
Zakarias Jozsef(1924-1971),

Men's Team Hungary - Modern Pentathlon/ottusa:
Benedek Gabor(1927-),
Kovacsi Aladar(1932-),
Szondy Istvan(1925-)

Women's Team Hungary - 4X100m Relays/gyorsvalto: