Hungarian Inventors and Inventions

"...The heroic figures of human culture were born not in the comfortable affluence of tranquil centuries; they were not needed. Geniuses thrived within the narrow bounds of time and space, when trouble occurred: when centuries-old convention failed to function any longer.

There was hardly more changeable "weather" in Hungary than at the beginning of this century, when within a few years imperial rule and republic, parliamentarianism and dictatorship, feudalism and industrial revolution, bureaucracy of the gentry and public education, imperial proclamation of war and the march of a foreign army of occupation followed each other at a dazzling speed...

At the beginning of the 20th century, under a changing sky, a great generation of Hungarian scientists arose which made more of a lasting impression on humankind than Brezhnev or Nixon, for which the world learned to respect our country from Los Angeles to Teajon..."

György Marx

Zoltán Bay
Donát Bánki
Ottó Titusz Bláthy
Imre Bródy
János Csonka
Miksa Déri
Loránd Eötvös
Albert Fonó
József Galamb
Ábrahám Ganz
László Heller
János Irinyi
Ányos Jedlik
György Jendrassik
Kálmán Kandó
Tódor Kármán
István Kruspér
Ede Kühne
András Mechwart
Dénes Mihály
János Neumann
Ábrahám Géza Pattantyús
Tivadar Puskás
Gedeon Richter
István Rybár
Albert Szent-Györgyi
Leó Szilárd
Kálmán Tihanyi
Lajos Winkler
Géza Zemplén
Károly Zipernowsky

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