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Volumes Published in "Atlantic Studies on Society in Change"

No. 1 Tolerance and Movements of Religous Dissent in Eastern Europe.
Edited by Béla K. Király. 1977.
No. 2 The Habsburg Empire in World War I.
Edited by R. A. Kann. 1978
No. 3 The Mutual Effects of the Islamic and Judeo-Christian Worlds: The East European Pattern.
Edited by A. Ascher, T. Halasi-Kun, B. K. Király. 1979.
No. 4 Before Watergate:Problems of Corruption in American Society.
Edited by A. S. Eisenstadt, A. Hoogenboom, H. L. Trefousse. 1979.
No. 5 East Central European Perceptions of Early America..
Edited by B. K. Király and G. Barány. 1977.
No. 6 The Hungarian Reuolution of 1956 in Retrospect..
Edited by B. K. Király and Paul Jónás. 1978.
No. 7 Brooklyn U.S.A.: Fourth Largest City in America..
Edited by Rita S. Miller. 1979.
No. 8 Prime Minister Gyula Andrássy's Influence on Habsburg Foreign Policy.
Janos Decsy. 1979.
No. 9 The Great Impeacher: A Political Biography of James M. Ashley. Robert F. Horowitz. 1979.
No. 10 Special Topics and Generaiizations on the Eighteenth Vol. I* and Nineteenth Century. Edited by Béla K. Király and Gunther E. Rothenberg. 1979.
No. 11 East Central European Society and War in the Pre- Vol. II Revolutionary 18th-Century.
Edited by Gunther E. Rothenberg, Béla K. Király, and Peter F. Sugar. 1982.
No. 12 From Hunyadi to Rákóczi.. War and Society in Late Vol. III Medieval and Early Modern Hungary.
Edited by János M. Bak and Béla K. Király. 1982.
No. 13 East Central European Society and War in the Era Vol. IV of Revolutions: 1775-1856. Edited by B. K. Király. 1984.
No. 14 Essays on World War I: Origins and Prisoners of Vol. V War.
Edited by Samuel R. Williamson, Jr. and Peter Pastor. 1983.
No. 15 Essays on World War I: Total War and Peacemaking, Vol. VI A Case Study on Trianon.
Edited by B. K. Király, Peter Pastor, and Ivan Sanders. 1982.
No. 16 Army, Aristocracy, Monarchy: War, Society and Vol. VIII Government in Austria, 1618-1780. Edited by Thomas M. Barker. 1982.
No. 17 The First Serbian Uprising 1804-1813.
Edited by Vol. VIII Wayne S. Vucinich. 1982.
No. 18 Czechoslovak Policy and the Hungarian Minority Vol. IX 1945-1948. Kálmán Janics. Edited by Stephen Borsody. 1982.

* Volumes Nos. I through XXVIII refer to the series War and Society in East and Central Europe.

No. 19 At the Brink of War and Peace: The Tito-Stalin Vo1. X Split in a Historic Perspective.
Edited by Wayne S. Vucinich. 1982.
No. 20 Inflation Through the Ages: Economic, Social, Psychological and Historical Aspects.
Edited by Edward Marcus and Nathan Schmuckler. 1981.
No. 21 Germany and America: Essays on Problems of International Relations and Immigration.
Edited by Hans L. Trefousse. 1980.
No. 22 Brooklyn College: The First Half Century.
Murray M. Horowitz. 1981.
No. 23 A New Deal for the World: Eleanor Roosevelt and American Foreign Policy.
Jason Berger. 1981.
No. 24 The Legacy of Jewish Migration: 1881 and Its Impact..
Edited by David Berger. 1982.
No. 25 The Road to Bellapais: Cypriot Exodus to Northern Cyprus.
Pierre Oberling. 1982.
No. 26 New Hungarian Peasants: An East Central European Experience with Collectivization.
Edited by Marida Hollos and Béla C. Maday. 1983.
No. 27 Germans in America Aspects of German-American Relations in the Nineteenth Century.
Edited by Allen McCormick. 1983.
No. 28 A Question of Empire: Leopold I and the War of Spanish Succession, 1701-1705.
Linda and Marsha Frey. 1983.
No. 29 The Beginning of Cyrillic Printing--Cracow, 1491. From the Orthodox Past in Poland.
Szczepan K. Zimmer. Edited by Ludwik Krzyanowski and Irene Nagurski. 1983.
No. 29a A Grand Ecole for the Grand Corps: The Recruitment and Training of the French Administration.
Thomas R. Osborne. 1983.
No. 30 The First War Between Socialist States: The Vol. X Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and Its Impact.
Edited by Béla K. Király, Barbara Lotze, Nándor Dreisziger.

No. 31 The Effects of World War I, The Uprooted Vol. XI Hungarian Refugees and Their Impact on Hungary's Domestic Politics.
Istvan Mócsy. 1983.
No. 32 The Effects of World War 1: The Class War After the Vol. XIII Great War: The Rise Of Communist Parties in East Central Europe, 1918-1921.
Edited by Ivo Banac. 1983.
No. 33 The Crucial Decade: East Central European Society Vol. XIV and National Defense, 1859-1870.
Edited by Béla K. Király. 1984.
No. 34 War, Revolution, and Society in Romania. The Road Vol. XV to Independence.
Edited by Ilie Ceausescu. 1983.
No. 35 Effects of World War I: War and Communism in Vol. XVI Hungary, 1919.
György Péteri. 1984.
No. 36 Insurrections, Wars, and the Eastern Crisis in the Vol. XVII 1870s.
Edited by B. K. Király and Gale Stokes. 1985.
No. 37 East Central European Society and the Balkan Wars, Vol. XVIII 1912-1913.
Edited by B. K. Király and Dimitrije Djordjevic. 1986.
No. 38 East Central European Society in World War I. Vol. XIX Edited by B. K. Király and N. F. Dreisziger, Assistant Editor Albert A. Nofi. 1985.
No. 39 Revolutions and Interventions in Hungary and Its Vol. XX Neighbor States, 1918-1919.
Edited by Peter Pastor. 1988.
No. 40 East Central European Society and War, 1750-1920.
Vol. XXI Bibliography and Historiography. Complied and edited by László Alföldi. Pending.
No. 41 Essays on East Central European Society and War, Vol. XXII 1740s-1920s.
Edited by Stephen Fischer-Galati and Béla K. Király. 1988.
No. 42 East Central European Maritime Commerce and Naval Vol. XXIII Policies, 1789-1913.
Edited by Apostolos E. Vacalopoulos, Constantinos D. Svolopoulos, and Béla K. Király. 1988.
No. 43 Selections, Social Origins, Education and Training Vol. XXIV of East Central European Officers Corps.
Edited by Béla K. Király and Walter Scott Dillard. 1988.
No. 44 East Central European War Leaders: Civilian and Vol. XXV Military. Edited by Béla K. Király and Albert Nofi. 1988.
No. 46 Germany's International Monetary Policy and the European Monetary System.
Hugo Kaufmann. 1985.
No. 47 Iran Since the Revolution--Internal Dynamics, Regional Conflicts and the Superpowers.
Edited by Barry M. Rosen. 1985.
No. 48 The Press During the Hungarian Revolution of Vol. XXVII 1848-1849.
Domokos Kosáry. 1986.
No. 49 The Spanish Inquisition and the Inquisitional Mind..
Edited by Angel Alcala. 1987.
No. 50 Catholics, the State and the European Radical Right, 1919-1945.
Edited by Richard Wolff and Jorg K. Hoensch. 1987.
No. 51 The Boer War and Military Reform.
Jay Stone Vol. XXVIII and Erwin A. Schmidl. 1987.
No. 52 Baron Joseph Eötvös, A Literary Biography.
Steven B. Várdy. 1987.
No. 53 Towards the Renaissance of Puerto Rican Studies: Ethnic and Area Studies in University Education..
Maria Sanchez and Antonio M. Stevens. 1987.
No. 54 The Brazilian Diamonds in Contracts, Contraband and Capital.
Harry Bernstein. 1987.
No. 55 Christians, Jews and Other Worlds: Patterns of Conflict and Accommodation.
Edited by Phillip F. Gallagher. 1988.
No. 56 The Fall of the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary: Vol. XXVI Mohács, 1526, Buda, 1541. Géza Perjés. 1989.
No. 57 The Lord Mayor of Lisbon: The Portugese Tribune of the People and His Twenty-four Guilds.
Harry Berstein. 1989.
No. 58 Hungarian Statesmen of Destiny:1860-1960.
Edited by Paul Bõdy. 1989.
No. 59 For China. The Memoirs of T. G. Li, former Major General in the Chinese Nationist Army.
T. G. Li. Written in collaboration with Roman Rome. 1989.
No. 60 Politics in Hungary: For A Democratic Alternative.
János Kis, with an Introduction by Timothy Garton Ash. 1989.
No. 61 Hungarian Worker's Councils in 1956.
Edited by Bill Lomax. 1990.
No. 62 Essays on the Structure and Reform of Centrally Planned Economic Systems.
Paul Jonas. A joint publication with Corvina Kiadó, Budapest. 1990.
No. 63 Kossuth as a Journalist in England.
Éva H. Haraszti. A joint publication with Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest.

No. 64 From Padua to the Trianon,1918-1920.
Maria Ormos. A joint publication with Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest. 1990.
No. 65 Towns in Medieval Hungary.
Edited by Laszló Gerevich. A joint publication with Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest. 1990.
No. 66 The Nationalities Problem in Transylvania,1867-1940..
Sándor Biró. 1992.
No. 67 Hungarian Exiles and the Romanian National Movement, 1849-1867.
Béla Borsi-Kálmán. 1991.
No. 68 The Hungarian Minority's Situation in Ceausescu's Romania.
Edited by Rudolf Joó and Andrew Ludányi. 1991.
No. 69 Democracy, Revolution, Self-Determination. Selected Writings. Istvan Bibó. Edited by Károly Nagy. 1991.
No. 70 Trianon and the Protection of Minorities.
József Galántai. A joint publication with Corvina Kiadó Budapest. 1991.
No. 71 King Saint Stephen of Hungary.
György Györffy. A joint publication with Corvina Kiadó, Budapest. 1991.
No. 72 Dynasty, Politics and Culture. Selected Essays.
Robert A. Kann. Edited by Stanley B. Winters. 1991.
No. 73 Jadwiga of Anjou and the Rise of East Central Europe..
Oscar Halecki. Edited by Thaddeus V. Gromada. A joint publication with the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America. 1991.
No. 74 Hungarian Economy and Society During World War Vol. XXIX Two..
Edited by György Lengyel. 1992.
No. 75 The Life of a Communist Revolutionary, Béla Kun..
György Borsányi. 1992.
No. 76 Yugoslavia: The Process of Disintegration.
Laslo Sekelj. 1992.
No. 77 Wartime American Plans for a New Hungary. Docu- Vol. XXX ments from the U.S. Department of State, 1942-1944. Edited by . 1992.

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