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DOCUMENTS - Part Four: Final Summaries and Recommendations

Document 3


SEPTEMBER 1, 1944.

Book I.


The following policies, in addition to the general objectives and program for all three satellite states, apply specifically to Hungary:

1. Military Occupation

Yugoslav and Czechoslovak participation in any military govern- ment for Hungary, if admitted at all, should be limited to the provision of token forces under United Nations command.

2. Territorial Adjustments

We should take the following positions with respect to territorial questions affecting Hungary:

a. We should favor the return to Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia immediately upon their liberation of all territories taken by Hungary in 1938-1939 and 1941.

b. In the interest of the peace and stability of the Danubian region, consideration should be given to the ethnic claims of Hungary in the area of the Grosse Schuett and the Little Hungarian Plain. We should be prepared to look with favor upon any settlement of these claims, and of the frontiers of Ruthenia, reached through free and direct negotia- tions between Czechoslovakia and Hungary or through other peaceful producers. c. We should be prepared to favor any future adjustments of the Yugoslav-Hungarian frontier reached through free and direct negotia- tion between Yugoslavia and Hungary or through other peaceful procedures.

d. We should favor the preservation of the existing frontier between Austria and Hungary.

e. We should favor an adjustment of the Hungarian-Rumanian frontier in Transylvania along ethnic lines which would transfer a small strip from north of Arad to Szatmár to Hungary. The territory in dispute between Hungary and Rumania should be placed under United Nations control pending subsequent adjustment.

3. Establishment of Government

We should use our influence to reorient the political structure of Hungary by:

a. disapproving of the restoration of the Habsburgs to the throne of Hungary or the continuance in power of those political forces which brought Hungary into the war against the United Nations;

b. encouraging electoral and land reform which would open the way for the peaceful development of social and political democracy.

4. International Position

No variation from general program

5. Economic Measures

No variation from general program.


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