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DOCUMENTS - Part Three: Political Reorganization of Hungary

Document 4

Secret H Document 135

Supplement March 18, 1944


Views of the Inter-Divisional Committee on the

Balkan-Danubian Region

The Inter-Divisional Committee on the Balkan-Danubian Region, considering the problem of Hungary's provisional government, regards a "People's Front" coalition (Solution C), composed of Social Democrats, Smallholders, Liberals and similar elements, as the preferred solution. It favors this coalition because: (1) there appears to be a good possibility that such a government may emerge from the probable confusion after the time of surrender; (2) it offers the most favorable opportunity for varied political elements to formulate a future program in consonance with the war aims of the United Nations; (3) and presents the best likelihood for the construction of a peaceful, more democratic Hungarian state.

The Committee does not favor the continuation in power of the present regime(Solution A) or a clerical provisional regime (Solution B). It considers the emergence of a purely peasant provisional government (Solution D) as unlikely. It is of the opinion that the creation of a Soviet provisional government (Solution E) is inconsistent with the desires of the Hungarian people.

In case no political group, emerges the Committee believes that there is a definite possibility of the creation of a non-political regime (Solution F), composed of persons widely respected in Hungary.

Prepared and reviewed by:

TS:CEBlack SE: CWCannon

MEBradshaw (Drafting Officer) KHuston

JCCampbell FTMerrill

HNHoward CEHulick


REldridge VD: HKTravers

JSChapin TA: HBalabanis

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