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DOCUMENTS - Part Three: Political Reorganization of Hungary

Document 2

Secret H Document 104

Supplement Preliminary A January 27, 1944


Views of the Inter-Divisional Committee on

the Balkan-Danubian Region

The Inter-Divisional Committee on the Balkan-Danubian Region, considering the problem of Hungary's post-war government, does not believe the retention of the present régime in view of its participation in the war against the United Nations and its record as one of the disturbing influences in the Balkan and Danubian area (Solution A) would be acceptable to the United Nations or contributory to stability in the area. The Committee also holds the view that the restoration of the Habsburgs to the throne of Hungary would prove a disturbing influence in Central and Southeastern Europe.

The Committee favors, in principle, a stable democratic régime whether it takes the form of a monarchy or a republic (Solutions B and C). The Committee is of the opinion that the protection of civil liberties, the extension of the franchise, the enactment of an adequate land258 Ignac Romsics

reform and some adjustment of the pre-war frontiers based on ethnic considerations are necessary prerequisites to the success of that régime.

It considers the idea of a decentralized republic (Solution D), at least for the immediate future, as impractical, both politically and economi- cally. The Committee does not favor the establishment of a Soviet régime (Solution E) unless, as is extremely unlikely, it should receive the support of the Hungarian people.

Prepared and reviewed by:

TS: MEBradshaw (Drafting officer) SE: Cloyce K. Huston

CEBlack FTMerrill


HNHoward VD:HKTravers


Box 153


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