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Djakarta: Pemimpin Redaksiumum - Hassan Shadily, 1984, ,,RUMANIA,,

(summary of translation; notes)

The area of present-day Rumania is known to have been inhabited around 600 B.C. Later it was conquered by the Romans. At a further stage it formed a part of the Bulgarian Empire, still later it came under Turkish rule. In 1878 the Kingdom of Rumania was created. WW II brought some changes regarding Rumania's borders: Bessarabia and northern Bukovina were ceded to Russia. - Rumania's population is made up of 89% Rumanians, 9% Hungarians and 2% Germans.

N.B This article makes no reference to the fact that approx. 44% of Rumania since WW II is constituted by what is now known as Transylvania which was for over 1000 years until 1920 an essential part of Hungary. This encyclopedia has no entry for Transylvania at all. Regarding the changes of Rumania's borders in connection with WW II, the writer of the above article fails to mention the return of South Dobruja to Bulgaria and the fact that due to the second Vienna Arbitration Decision of August 30th, 1940 2/5 of Transylvania reunited with Hungary and de jure remained so until February 10th, 1947.

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