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Tibor Eckhardt

at Marseille


New York, N.Y.
(c) 1964
The American Hungarian Library and Historical Society
New York

Printed by
The College Press, So. Lancaster, Mass.

"I am weary of seeing the shore in each successive mirage, and I often ask myself whether the terra firma we are seeking does really exist, and whether we are not doomed to rove upon the seas for ever."

Alexis de Tocqueville


The Civil War of Europe which, since 1914, has been the main factor in shaping the course of human history is, presumably, coming soon to an end with the achievement of a "United Europe." Between the first and second acts of that Cruel Drama, there was an intermission prolonged for twenty years and misused for the planting of evil seeds. This book deals with that interval.

The facts Concenning the two World Wars are generally known. The motive forces behind them, however, which distorted the efforts aimed at lasting peace, which undermined the League of Nations and never allowed the Old Continent to come to rest, still need to be exposed. For even educated judgments are being misled by narrow - minded and noxious indoctrination sprouting from one - sided national aspirations, from the memory of past alliances and from emotional wartime reactions. To get to the kernel of unvarnished history, this propaganda - shell must be cracked. Particularly, regarding the nations in the Danube Valley, the influences responsible for their decay, have to be brought to light.

This book undertakes to throw a ray of light on that blurred picture by presenting the murder - case of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and the incongruous political repercussions of that crime. In the course of the ensuing international crisis, all the forces tearing up the physical and moral fiber of Europe were brought to focus in Geneva. I got to know them, for, as Hungary's Chief Delegate to the League of Nations, I had to bear much of the oppressive weight of their attacks. While recording the true story, I also relate the hidden motives and camouflaged policies of the Contesting powers. In the suffocating atmosphere of Europe at that time, vitiated by the monstrous designs of the totalitarian dictators, the mistakes committed in the Paris Peace Treaties grew menacingly in their consequences and peace became increasingly elusive. In the very heart of Europe, dismembered Hungary had to endure the worst tribulations. Disarmed and encircled by hostile forces she had to survive:

"Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea."


1 February, 1964

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