After the „regime change”, under overwhelming pressure  from the West, the weak governments sold out -  „privatized”  -  about 90 % of  the  national  revenue producing wealth of Hungary.
 The  Communist  leaders of commerce and industry picked up everything in sight at  rock bottom prices.  They then sold most of their  aquisitions to foreign  firms and stashed away  the proceeds  in offshore banks.  According to John Christensen (Tax Justice Network) about 242 milliard dollars  ended up in  tax havens.  This is two and a  half times  more than  Hungary’s total  debt.
When  the  centrist  Fidesz  party won the election in 2010, the country was close to bankruptcy. The new government took desperate measures to  balance the budget, without  further lowering the  already very low  standard of living.  It cut expenses, taxed the banks and large corporations, and introduced a new  constitution.
These reforms provoked  countles  media and diplomatic attacks  on the Orbán government, led  and inspired by the Hungarian Left and emigres in western Europe and in the USA.  Their influence  on the leftist governments, EU  officials and representatives, USA  government,  the World Bank, and the IMF resulted in  monetary and political restrictions, usually  based on double standard practices. 
Case in point  is the new media law.  Notwithstanding the fact, that about 80% of the Hungarian media is owned by  westerners and the  leftist parties,  they are totally free to publish  anything they  want, the  western media and the politicians started to worry about the freedom of the press.
The new Constitution  caused another turmoil, because there were some references to the  thousand-year-old  pre-war constitution, christian ideals  and the Hungarian Holy Crown.  It was really  idiotic since some countries in the European Union are kingdoms with old constitutions and crowned monarchs.
The WB and the IMF is still playing cat and mouse games, setting up newer and newer obstacles to granting Hungary  emergency drawing rights in case of  financial crises. It seems the US and European leftist governments are hell bent  on destroying the Orban government and replacing it with  the likes of Gordon Bajnai, a  post-communist socialist apparatchick
 The citizens of Hungary  are  getting more and more discouraged and  disillusioned by this  rough and  unwarranted  „hate Hungary”  action. There is a  sentiment  expressed  their  stand: „The Soviets  oppressed us by tanks, Europe does it with banks”.
This war is  going on relentlessly.  Below  are a few  pro and con letters to shed some lights on the problems:

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