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The reason that motivated, or better compelled me, to write my book was that I have read several descriptions of the Gzechoslovakian regime entirely contradicting those facts which I had seen. As a representative to the territorial assembly of the Hungarians, later as representative, then as senator of the parliament, I had opportunities to observe many incidents which no democratically thinking person could accept. As an example: I have already stated incorrectly "the Czechoslovakian regime", for the Slovaks were the same suffering subjects of this regime as the Germans, Hungarians, Ruthens, Rumanians, and Polish had been, as well as all other nationalities of this republic who were forced into this country. Among the Slovaks only those were ruling who were rather willing to tolerate the suffering of their people, than to give up their,"rulership",

Although I was eye and ear-witness of the occurrences, I try to stay in the background and deliberately prefer to cite those authors whose statements are of decisive value when judging certain problems. I cite Grigory ZATKOVIC, the first Ruthenian governor, who was the main motivator of the movement which declared the union with Czechoslovakia, the decision of American-Ruthenians. His early resignation was the most powerful expression of the disappointment of the Ruthenians, or better, their realization of their deception. Also, there was Michael YUHAS, the President of the "Rusin Council of Defense" who was the person most entitled to express the bitter disappointment of the American Rusins on the lOth anniversary of the Czech republic. I cíted Sir Robert DONALD, the highly respected English author, who traveled through this area in person, collected all the impressions at the scene, and recorded them with the accuracy of an Englishman.

I also cited Prof. C. A. MACCARTNEY, a worldfamous authority of one of the oldest English universities. He also gathered his information at the scene and wrote his valuable work based on rigid analysis. Also I have referred to Harold NICHOLSON, Robert LANSING, the contemporary chief of the State Department,Harry BRAILSFORD, Henri POZZI, French author, Leland STOWE, Floyd A. CAVE, American authors, and others only if I could point to statements of great and indisputable truth concerning criticism of the Peace Treaty of Trianon and its inexplicable decrees, or when their predictíons were proven right.

Newspapers sympathizing with the Czechs, or persons like Senator KLOFAC, and many others, mostly Czech authors, and their authentic statements can convince anyone about the truth of the facts I presented; these all serve the purpose of revealing the Czechoslovakian democracy without its mask.

I sincerely express my thanks for the efforts of my friends who carried out the work of checking and proofreading, and for the valuable statistical data published as Appendix.

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