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Peace to end Peace

-- The Trianon Peace Treaty in quotations --

The British ratification of the
Peace Treaty of Trianon revisited
Warnings and Predictions by Viscount Rothermere
The origin of Hungary's multinational ideals
Quotations assembled by Yves de Daruvar
Personal convictions of John Flournoy Montgomery

"The peace treaties are yet another means to continue war"

Prime Minister of Rumania in the Rumanian Parliament on 1st July, 1920:
"We cannot rest until we totally ruin the Hungarian people
economically and militarily, because while there is even a spark of vitality left in Hungary, we cannot feel secure."

Viscount Rothermere:
"The new boundaries had no justification, whether ethnographic, geographic or economic. They set up in Central Europe a permanent condition of inconvenience, friction and discontent which, if it is not remedied, must inevitably lead to another war."

Lord Montagu of Beaulieu:
"There was a saying at the beginning of the War that it was a war to end war. I think so far as the Central Empires are concerned, if I may parody that saying, that this is a peace to end peace."

Compiled on behalf of
the Hungarian Council of New South Wales

by Endre Csapó for the

Federal Council of Hungarian Associations in Australia and New Zealand

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